US AMBULETTE is dedicated to providing reliable, professional, and caring ambulette and paratransportation services for people with special needs.

We provide handicapped transportation service to doctors' offices, airports, train stations, hospitals, holiday visits, family occasions, stadiums, theaters, restaurants, hotels, excursions, and more. US Ambulette provides local and long distance ambulette transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although we primarily service the New York Tri-State area, we offer everyone the means to get anywhere in the continental United States, even if they have been home-bound for months, or even years. US AMBULETTE strives to take the stress out of stressful situations.

Our fleet of new, top-of-the-line ambulette vans can accommodate any type of travel requirements: wheelchairs, recliners, extra wide, motorized, and non-emergency stretchers. We provide on-board oxygen tanks. All vehicles are high top with hydraulic lifts, tinted windows, recessed lighting, dual climate control, and six point safety harness belts. If you require a wheelchair, but do not own one, we will provide it.

Our ambulette drivers are courteous professionals that are thoroughly trained, and have over 15 years of experience. All drivers are commercially licensed and tested annually by State DMV. Special sensitivity training is required before employment.

We are a caring non-emergency medical and leisure transportation service for seniors and disabled citizens. With US AMBULETTE there is no such thing as "home-bound." We specialize in carry down service and we will get you down those stairs with dignity, and respect even if you cannot walk. We are here to get you wherever you need to go as easily, efficiently, and comfortably as we can. You have our promise.

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When you are with US AMBULETTE, you are connected. Each driver has a two-way radio and a cell phone. In addition we use Global Positioning to continuously track the location, speed and movement of all vehicles in our fleet. This ensures not only punctuality, but also preparedness for any situation that may arise.
Our paratransit vehicles undergo a mandatory DOT inspection every 6 months, and are regularly maintained by our staff of highly qualified mechanics to ensure the safety of each and every passenger.
Our Staff
We maintain a staff of drivers and administrative personnel who reflect our highest standards of excellence.
Our courteous, experienced operators are familiar with our entire range of specialized ambulette services, and will gladly help you reserve your vehicle. They will also answer whatever questions you may have.
Our ambulette drivers and road staff are highly qualified professionals with over 15 years of experience. All drivers are commercially licensed and tested annually by State DMV. Special sensitivity training is required before employment. All new hires undergo a thorough background check.
All data is processed, and maintained permanently in our computerized system. We have immediate access to name, address, time, destinations, ordering providers, type of assistance required, type of treatment, diagnosis, driver and vehicle for every job completed or scheduled. We understand that your personal needs are important, that's why we keep a record of your medical facilities and other destinations, service history, billing preferences, and even specific driver or vehicle requests at our fingertips.
Reliability and Safety
Billing and Payment
We can accommodate any type of billing method. (Prior authorization required for HMO, Insurance or other third party payer.) For institutional clients requirements customized electronic or print statements are available. Custom reports for any statistical or billing information for any period of time can be generated.










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